Saturday, February 13, 2010

Carrabelle Beach, Florida

Today we drove the road along the Gulf Coast of Florida to Fort Walton Beach.  Along the way we traveled through lots of small beach towns and saw lots of beaches, but we just had to stop at Carrabelle Beach at a beach side picnic area for a late breakfast and walk on the beach.   Here's some photos of me at the picnic area and on the beach.



The sand was really soft and white and the sun was really bright, but it was very cold today.

We also took the dogs for a walk on the beach.  They were fun to watch.  It was Toby's first time at a beach, so he was running back and forth checking out everything and he just had to stop and sniff every seashell and piece of seaweed he saw. 

Carabelle Beach is famous for the role it played in 1943 when soldiers used the beach for training as they prepared for the Invasion of Normandy.  Here's a link to the historical marker that tells all about it. 

Grandpa and grandma also took some time to walk on the beach to watch the sunset tonight.  They didn't take me or the dogs this time and didn't take any photos.  Maybe they will take us next time. 

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  1. That is the most beautiful motorhome that I have ever seen!!! (I will always think that, you know!)
    Give the pups a little hug from us...we miss all of you!!!
    Hurry on out to Texas....C.M. needs to see the Hill Country and the Coast!!
    Big HUGS!
    p.s.Love the Blog!!! :)