Monday, March 15, 2010

Rockport, Texas

I know it has been awhile since I last posted, but to bring you all up to date.  We drove 3 long days across Mississippi and Louisiana on our way to Texas. 

Grandpa driving

We finally settled into our site at the Rustic Cove RV park in Rockport, Texas. Rockport is on the Gulf Coast and we are just across the road from the water.   We'll be here until the end of March.

Our friends Bob and Molly Pinner are camped at another park around the corner from us along with a lot of their friends.  They invited us over for a hot dog and marshmallow roast and I got to go along.   Here's Molly showing me how to roast marshmallows; Bob is watching on.

And here I am...

Last weekend we went to the Rock, Fossil and Mineral show in Corpus Christy where we ran into our friends Mark & Renita.  Grandpa tried to convince Renita he should get a discount on the admission ticket because he was wearing his Wyoming shirt (Mark and Renita are from Wyoming) but she was too smart to go for that.  Mark was working to control the crowds at the back door and since we didn't see any crowds we think he must have been doing a very good job.  All the food on the table is made from rocks -- we thought this was pretty cool.

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