Friday, May 4, 2012

It's been a long, long time....

Soooooo......, it looks like it has been over 2 years since I last posted on our travels.  I won't even attempt to cover the past 2 years other than to say we've been east-west and north-south.  But, I will try to post more often, than every 2 years, in the future.

Christmas Monkey is no longer with us.  He has been passed along to other family members for safe keeping.  Since he is always with us in spirit, we'll keep the name of our blog the same.

After many, many months of sitting in Sacramento while Howie received treatment for lung cancer we are at long last back on the road.  Our first stop is Park Sierra (SKP park) in Coarsegold, CA.  The park is close to Yosemite NP for day trips, but mostly it is wonderful to be in the Sierra foothills, among the trees and out of the big city.  We stopped in town yesterday to pick up "tourist information" and learned that Coarsegold is famous for its Tartantula Festival, in October.  We'll, no doubt, skip that!

We started our trip one day late.  After all those months of just sitting, our living-room slide out wouldn't slide in.  After doing what we could, we broke down and called for an RV repairman.  Although he had no idea what he did that fixed the problem, the slide finally came in.  We tested it in and out a few more times and decided it was too late to get started down the road that day.

Our first travel day was uneventful.  Howie drove the first 100 miles, which meant I got to make my first 2 lane, no shoulder, mountain drive.  It must have been pretty exciting as I noticed Howie was white knuckling it over in the passenger seat.  I on the other hand, I thought I did exceptionally well; I got us to Park Sierra safe and sound, without a scratch or dent.

We plan to hang out here until mid-May and decompress from city living, before we head to Southern California, which is just one town-to-town, BIG CITY!


  1. I didn't even know you HAD a blog. So are you going to keep this up a little bit from now on? Hope so...if not we'll just catch you on facebook.

  2. It is so great you are back on the road again. Hopefully we will cross paths.

    Live Strong!!!!!!!

  3. Glad to see your posting to your blog again, enjoyed reading it. Bet your both thrilled to be on the move once more.