Sunday, June 17, 2012

RVing is Always an Adventure

Today was one of those days when even the jello kept melting.

We left Richfield, Utah bright and early with a “plan” to drive less than 200 miles to Bountiful, Utah. The “plan” was to stay overnight at the Elks lodge and then head on to Wyoming the next day. After spending considerable time in route planning so that we could see the most scenery with the easiest drive, we decided to drive up hwy 89 to Bountiful.

 The day started on on a positive note: we saw diesel fuel for $3.53/gal. That was 26 cents/gal cheaper than anywhere else. A great way to start the day. But, as we pulled into the station we had to wait for the motorhome ahead of us to hitch up his toad. Let me be clear, he had already finished fueling his motorhome, and then decided to hitch up the toad while still at the pump. We were happy to see that he headed the opposite direction on the highway as he left.

Howie started off the day's drive, and then I took over after about an hour. The first thing I did was miss the turn to hwy 89, and landed on a rural road complete with slow going tractors and bales of hay spilled across the road. But, it’s an adventure right? So Howie navigated the new route and I negotiated all the hazards, and only 38 miles later we were on I-15 heading north again. By the way for anyone else heading up I-15 to Salt Lake City, there are miles and miles of construction. 

 We switched off driving again and headed for the Elks lodge in Bountiful — not! Couldn’t find the place, so we decided to keep going to Evanston, Wyoming, which was only another 60 or so miles further down the road.

Once again we switched driving which left me to drive the mountain roads with, once again, you guessed it….more construction. It’s good to see our tax dollars at work and I’m sure the next time we come this way we will enjoy all those new roads, but…

So I’m driving and Howie is reading the directions to the Elks Lodge in Evanston. We find the right road and yes, we can see the Elks Lodge. It is right on top of the hill just as the book says it will be. I turn right and start up the hill, which suddenly becomes narrow and gravel. But there was no where to go but up, that is until we ended up here…


The Elks Lodge has closed and the parking lot is now this lovely junk yard. The owner was amused by very nice. He apologized because he hadn’t taken down the Elks sign from the building, and he offered to help us unhitch the car, so we could turn around and drive back down the hill.

So, 300 miles later we ended up at camp Wal-Mart sandwiched between a bunch of big rigs. The perfect ending to a “perfect” day.

This will make a terrific campfire story in a couple of years when we start to make up additional details to enhance it. :-)


  1. That is just too funny Norah....Maybe you should have slept the night in the junk yard..I bet it was quieter!!!!

  2. Pretty hilareous adventure!! Glad to see you back blogging again - you're a great writer!