Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zion National Park

So, we are finally on the move.  After leaving Southern California we spent a couple of days visiting Howie's sister in Bullhead City, AZ.  We had a lovely visit with Judy; we only wish it had been just a bit cooler than 103 degrees -- whew! that's warm!.

Next stop, Saint George, Utah.  It has been a few years since we last spent a time here.  Back in the mid 1990s, I spent 6 weeks on an archaeological dig in Hurricane, Utah, which is only a few miles from Saint George.  While on the dig I lived in my RV in Saint George.  The city has grown up a LOT since then.  We tried to find the location of where that archaeological site had been, but the whole area is now just a big housing tract.  It's kind of sad to think that that ancient Indian village is completely covered up with houses, manicured yards and roads -- all evidence of their life is gone. 

We took one day and drove out to Zion National Park.  We have been here before, so this time we decided to just take the 80 minute bus ride around and "do" the visitor's center.

  Typical Sandstone cliff  - Zion National Park

On the way to/from Zion NP we came across this bit of local roadside "art".  I wonder how many more impromptu art projects we'll see in our travels this year. 

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  1. Very nice photos and descriptive essay. Great to see you back on the road and blogging again. PS: I love that this blog is smart phone friendly.